The Beast is back in 2015! Combining a beastly mix of obstacles, mud and live music, the Call of the Beast provides a fantastic opportunity to coax out your Beast. If your ready for some mud, fun and friends then blank out Saturday, 07 November, and get entering.


Race formats

Unfortunately, Caloola Farm is in receivership so we are not able to use the farm property again this year. Instead, we will be using the properties directly adjacent to the farm. This means that we have had to adjust the course but we think that most people will be happy with the change (less hills, less distance). We are still doing our best to make sure that the Call of the Beast has something for everyone:

    • Beastlet (Kid) Beast. Over our Beastlet course (short ~1 to 2 km long) we want the little ones to have some fun whilst getting dirty. If you think childhood should consist of more than TV and computer games, then make sure you bring the family along. If it is anything like last year, mud, smiles and great family memories are guaranteed.
    • Fun Beast. This is a stress free course for people who don’t take themselves too seriously and just want to have some fun with their mates. You don’t have to do any obstacle you don’t want and there is no punishment for missing/not completing one (of course if you want to go hard you can!) The course will be approximately 7 km long but the exact distance will not be determined until we set the course (See Note 1). There are almost no limits in this format. You can run, walk or skip. You can participate by yourself, with a couple of friends or as part of a larger group/team. You can get dressed up in fancy dress or just run in your shorts. So, if you are looking for some fun and the chance to bring out your Beast in your own way, this is the option for you.
    • The Last Beast Standing (solo). This is the big one and suitable for those who want to push their limits. It’s a knock-out obstacle course race over three (3) rounds in which many will start but only two (one male and one female) will remain. Last year was a cracker with the field whittled down in front of a cheering crowd. So if you want some bragging rights to say that you have stepped up to the starting line then this is the one for you. We have been told by some Obstacle Course Racing veterans this is one the toughest races in Australia so if you have a bucket list then add this bad boy to it!  (See Note 2).

We’ll be joining these races together with a festive atmosphere, great food and live music. So if you think you have what it takes to Unleash Your Beast, why don’t you answer the Call?

The Humdrum

Race Date. 07 November.

Tickets Released. Online tickets have closed but you can enter on the day. Please visit the Contact Us page for more info on this.

Print/View Tickets. For those who have already registered please click HERE and log into the portal.

Where. The event will be held on the properties surrounding Caloola Farm  (in the vicinity of the Naas Valley, near Tharwa about 50 minutes south of Civic). The Naas Valley is one of Canberra’s hidden treasures – it’s worth the trip out. For those who have been to the event before, parking will be in the same location and the Start and Finish area will be in very close proximity to the car park.

Map to farm

Race format, timings and distances.  If you are interested in learning more about the race format, timings and distances please follow this  link.

Event administration. All Event administration, including registration, will be near Caloola Farm (you just need to follow the signs and the people).

Prices: Great value, fully inclusive pricing, again in 2015:


So, what are you waiting for? Start rustling up your team or get ready to join up by yourself. Spots are limited, so when entries open make sure you get in quick. See you at the festival!

Note 1: All distances are approx. They may be slightly longer or shorter and we won’t be finalised until we mark the course closer to the event day. If you are looking for a longer distance we don’t mind if you go around a second time (or more). Its up to you!

Note 2: People entering the ‘Last Beast Standing’ can also run in the ‘Fun Beast’ later in the day for FREE. We don’t want you to pay twice to have an awesome day! Just send us an email (admin@beast-worx.com) when you have registered and we will we tell you what you need to do to lock in a Fun Beast wave. All we ask is that you make an extra donation to our group of charities when you enter.